In Progress Research

In Progress Research

Validation of MCH Risk Index
Purpose: To validate a risk-index with other data sets
Investigators: Flaten, C., Monsen, K. A., Radosevich, D. M., Kerr, M. J. Farri, F.

Assessing Risk Level of Public Health Nurse Caseloads to Evaluate Workforce Issues: Pilot Test of a Maternal Risk Index
Purpose: To test the ability of a maternal risk index score to forecast length and intensity of public health nurse home visiting care.
Investigators: Areba, E. M., Monsen, K. A., Brandt, J. K., Selabeab, T., Lytton, A., Flaten, C., Radosevich, D.

Evaluation of One and Two-Time Home Visits as a Core Function of Public Health
Purpose: To investigate whether one or two public health nurse home visits operationalize the role of assurance in public health
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Areaba, E. M., Johnson, K. E., Dubbels, K., Timm, J. E., Rosebaugh, D.

Benchmarking International Home Care Outcomes using Omaha System Data
Purpose: to demonstrate benchmarking of home care Knowledge, Behavior, and Status outcomes data
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Poulsen, K., Mast, J.

Discovering intervention patterns using data visualization methods.
Purpose: To detect hidden patterns in nursing data sets.
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Kim, E., Pieczkiewicz, D., Peden-McAlpine, C., Kessler, V., Kerr, M.

Omaha System data comparison between two programs: Nurse practitioner services and total care program.
Purpose: To describe and compare problems, interventiions, and outcomes for two nursing services for community swelling elders in New Zealand.
Investigators: East, S., Poulsen, J.K., Monsen, K.A.

Case study: Problem classification and severity in a case of severe persistent mental illness.
Purpose: To describe the nature and severity of problems in SPMI
Investigators: Darst, E., Monsen, K.A.

Feasibility of benchmarking population characteristics and services across programs in a local public health department using standardized data.
Purpose: Evaluate use of Omaha System data for population health surveillance and evaluation
Investigators: Khairat, S., Timm, J.E., Monsen, K.A.

Empiric evaluation of an evidence-based family home visiting standardized care plan.
Purpose: Describe PHN interventions relative to a standardized evidence-based care plan
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Johnson, K.E., Jagim, J., Bursaw, K.

Evaluation of a windshield survey instrument using the Omaha System.
Purpose: Evaluate use of Omaha System in a windshield survey instrument
Investigators: Kerr, M.J., Flaten, C., Monsen, K.A.

Transforming evidence-based obesity guidelines into clinical practice
Purpose: To determine if PartnerSHIP 4 Health interventions supported the implementation of the ICSI Prevention and Management of Obesity Guideline into practice
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Erickson, K., Attleson, I., Thorson, D.

Nurse, client, and intervention factors associated with Variation in knowledge benchmark Attainment
Purpose: To examine factors in the client, nurse, and intervention process that influence knowledge outcomes
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Chatterjee, S.

Relationships between signs/symptoms and oral health interventions in PHN clients
Purpose: To explore patterns in intervention data related to oral health signs/symptoms
Investigators: Simon, G., Pfeiffer, J., Fitzsimmons, L., Monsen, K.A.

Translation of heart failure clinical practice guidelines for home care electronic health record using standardized nursing terminology
Purpose: To develop an evidence-based heart failure guideline for homecare using the Omaha System
Investigators: Topaz, M. et al.

Self-reported signs and symptoms of diabetics
Purpose: To describe the prevalence of Omaha System signs/symptoms among community dwelling diabetics
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Handler, H., Le, S.

Characteristics of basic nursing care
Purpose: To explore interventions that comprise basic nursing care among self-directed nursing teams at Buurtzorg Nederland
Investiagors: Koster, N. et al.

Visualization of client characteristics
Purpose: To explore patterns associated with client wellness and morbidity
Investigators: Kim, E., Monsen, K.A., Pieczkiewicz

Interventions associated with improvement in Latina mothers with and without the mental health problem
Purpose: To describe public health nursing intervention patterns that are associated with improvement in knowledge, behavior, and status of Latine mothers
Investigators: McNaughton, D., Garcia, C., Monsen, K.A., Garganua, R.