In Progress Research

The attitudes of nurses and physicians to Electronic Health Recording in primary health care settings
Purpose:  to describe attitudes, perceptions, and satisfaction of providers using EHRs in Istanbul, Turkey
Investigators: Secglici, S., et al., Monsen, K.  A.

Systematic Refinement of a Health Information Technology Time and Motion Workflow Instrument for Inpatient Nursing Care using a Standardized Interface Terminology
Purpose: We modified an existing open-source T&M study tool for optimal recording nursing workflow at in patient setting to evaluate health information technology (HIT) and linked this instrument to an existing interface terminology, the Omaha System for further analysis of nurse workflow.
Investigators: Yi Zhang, BS, Karen A Monsen, PhD, RN; Terrence J Adam, MD, PhD; David S Pieczkiewicz, PhD; Megan Daman, MAN, RN, ACNS-BC; Genevieve B Melton, MD, MA
Publication: Submitted

Reliability of Omaha System Documentation Data
Purpose: To compare public health nurse documentation of outcomes data to gold standard ratings determined by expert consensus
Investigators: Monsen, K., Radosevich, D. Kerr, M., Lytton, A., Halder, K., Ferrari, S.
Publication: Submitted

Benchmarking Public Health Nursing Outcomes
Purpose: To demonstrate benchmarking of public health nursing outcomes data.
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Radosevich, D. M., , Kerr, M. J.,  Johnson, S., Farri, O., & Geppert J.
Publication: Submitted

Meaningful Use of a Standardized Terminology to Support the Electronic Health Record in New Zealand
Purpose: to describe the application of Omaha System data as outcome measures in four New Zealand community care use cases.
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Honey, M, & Wilson, S.
Publication: Applied Clinical Informatics Journal

Analysis of Free Text Data Associated with Omaha System Target Terms                                        Purpose: To evaluate use of free text with Omaha System targets to inform practice and future revisions of the Omaha System                                                                     
Investigators: Farri, O., Monsen, K. A., Westra, B. L., Melton, G. B.                      
Publication: Submitted

Empirical Concept Analysis of Omaha System Targets
Purpose: To describe the semantic structure of Omaha System targets and make recommendations for revisions
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Melton, G. B., Timm, J.E., Westra, B.L, Kerr, M. J., Raman, N., Farri, O., Hart, C. M., & Martin, K. S.
Publication: Submitted

Feasibility of Using the Omaha System to Represent Nursing Management Interventions
Purpose: To test the feasibility of using standardized nursing language to describe nursing management interventions
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Newsom, E. T.
Publication: Public Health Nursing

Discovering client and intervention patterns in home visiting data.
Purpose: To identify hidden patterns in Omaha System data describing client characteristics and public health nurse interventions.
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Banerjee, A., Das, P.
Publication: Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Problems and Outcomes of Mothers with Intellectual Disabilities
Purpose: To describe differences in problems and outcomes for mothers with intellectual disabilities compared to mothers without intellectual disabilities
Investigators: Monsen, K.A., Sanders, A., Radosevich, D. M., & Geppert, J.
Publication: Accepted by the Journal of Intellectual  Disabilities Research

Comparison of Intervention Management Approaches in Home Care
Purpose: To evaluate intervention groups and clusters created in the HCIDM study
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Westra, B. L, S. Cristina Oancea, Yu, F., Kerr, M. J.
Publication: Research in Nursing & Health

Home care intervention data mining project
Purpose: To use data mining techniques to create meaningful intervention clusters from structured Omaha System intervention data.
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Westra, B. L., Yu, F., Ramadass, V., Kerr, M.J
Publication: Research in Nursing & Health

Public Health Nurses Tailor Interventions for Families at Risk
Purpose: To use structured clinical data to describe family home visiting interventions including intervention tailoring, and to assess the associations between client risk and intervention tailoring.
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Radosevich, D. M., Kerr, M. J., & Fulkerson, J. A.
Publication: Public Health Nursing

Comparing Public Health Nursing Outcomes across Agencies
Purpose: To use aggregated clinical data to compare family health outcomes across public health nursing agencies.
Investigators: Monsen, K. A., Fulkerson, J. A., Lytton, A. B., Taft, L. L., Schwichtenberg, L., D.,  Martin, K. S.
Publication: Maternal Child Health Journal